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About Flyte44

At Flyte44 personal relationships are paramount.  We treat our clients, team members and vendors with respect - which only leads to better events.  We take pride in making producing events look easy so you can enjoy your event. 

Let us handle the details so you can focus on what you want to.

At Flyte44 we realize that every event is much more than just its descriptive title.  

Each investors' meeting, birthday party, networking reception or wedding should​ be unique and special.  That doesn't mean reinventing the wheel, but it does mean listening to our clients and being open to creatively meeting their wants.  We know each event has different expectations and markers for success.  Every time we see our name written, we are reminded that just because something sounds like one thing, doesn't mean it isn't set apart from the usual.  

No event is "cookie cutter" to us - unless our client wants it that way.

Why the "Y"?

What we have been up to...

"I greatly enjoyed working with you and appreciated your skills, resourcefulness, and professionalism." - Jack M. (New York, New York)

"My mom was just talking about you yesterday and saying what an amazing job you did! So thank you for helping make it perfect."  - Kelly L. (Malibu, CA)

"I highly recommend Michelle for anyone out there, her attention to detail is amazing, her work ethics are superb, and ability to communicate and coordinate will make any event go smoothly."  - Shant G. (Westwood, CA)

"Michelle's strengths are her attention to detail, her ability to work with people across all levels of the organization,

her creativity, and her ability to manage vendor relationships and costs, without compromising on outcome and results." - Michele B. (Century City, CA)

"Thanks for being our guiding light to make this happen!" - Melissa F. (Camarillo, CA)

"Thank you SO much for everything you did! I'm not sure if we got to say thank you at the end (it was a bit of a blur!) but you were really helpful and awesome. We were so happy to have you there!" - Linda M. (Calabasas, CA)

"You were amazing and you seriously made my dream day come true!!!  Thank you for everything you did for us, I couldn’t have imagined being able to make it all happen without you!" - Setal S. (Marina Del Rey, CA)

"I highly recommend Michelle for any event you are planning. She is passionate about what she does and will treat your event like it is her own....  She went above and beyond to make the event AMAZING! She is organized, creative, and fun to work with!" - Karyn O. (Woodland Hills, CA)

What people are saying...

Michelle Griswa Schurman Event Planner Wedding Planner

Michelle (she/her) has over 20 years experience managing both corporate and private social events for a wide-range of clients. She thrives not only in the structure and professionalism of the business world, but also with the magic and delight of helping private clients create their dream event.

Her clients appreciate her professionalism and tact, as well as her outgoing and fun nature. She knows that no matter how much planning is done, sometimes things don't go as anticipated. Michelle handles the unexpected with little or no disruption to our clients and their guests. Whether it is a missing wedding cake, a speaker grounded in a blizzard, or even a city-wide power outage at a convention, she adjusts with grace under pressure so her clients' goals and wishes are met.

Michelle really loves managing events, booths, weddings and meetings and it shows in her work. It is just one of the places where she finds joy.  She is great at making certain all the little details are taken care of because they really make a difference.  Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients relaxed and smiling during their events.  To her, it means she is doing her job.  

Who we are

Flyte44 Events is a business and social event planning company.  Founded by Michelle Schurman, an event planner with over 20 years experience, we manage private social and corporate events of all types with guests counts ranging from 8 to 1200.  

We pride ourselves on our professional and attentive approach to managing events for our clients.  

We know you like to shine and want your event to reflect well on you.

Michelle Schurman, CMM

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